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What is an Europe Active Adventure trip or how to travel smart?

Nothing could be simpler, before officially launching a new trip, we validate it in the field. And sometimes we take bikers with us on this adventure! Hence the name of these trips. The tour then becomes more malleable, according to the discoveries and encounters on the ground. The accommodation is guaranteed and booked in advance, the routes are studied and validated but the route is not fixed. In addition to sharing good moments with other bikers, the advantage is to benefit from a guide, generally bilingual, who is used to getting out of all situations, and all this at the price of a self-guided trip and therefore much cheaper than the accompanied trip that will be created later.

We implemented this way of doing things a long time ago on our Tiger Roads brand with our stays in India and we decided to launch these Adventure stays on Europe Active in 2018. This allowed us to validate our Ireland trip.

You could have gone...

... in 2022

In 2022, we offered you an adventure like no other: a trip to some of the wildest places on earth!

Alaska opened its doors to us. Anthony, passionate about the destination, was delighted to help you discover this wild paradise!

Grandiose landscapes, with an impressive nature with this road trip at the end of the world.

We are in the process of finalising this trip and it will soon be available on our website.



... in 2019

In 2019, our adventure took us to the Carpathian region of Romania.

We took the mythical roads of the Transalpina, and the Transfaragan made famous by the TV show Top Gear.

We followed in the footsteps of Dracula, and discovered the city where Vlad the Impaler was born. What a programme!

Find out more about this trip here :  Romania - Mythical Routes of the Carpathians 



... in 2018

Séjour en Irlande

In 2018 our adventure destination was the Republic of Ireland, crossing the lakes of Connemara, and going to the Cliffs of Moher.

Magical landscapes and a warm welcome from the Irish made this trip a must.

Leaving and finishing in Dublin, it was also possible to visit the famous Guinness factory.

Find out more about this trip here:
The Republic of Ireland and the Connemara by motorbike

We are currently working on the next destination for our 2023 Adventure trip. And if in the meantime, you have ideas of destinations that tempt you, let us know:

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