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Discover the exquisite islands of Corsica and Sardinia on a motorbike - ferry crossing included

15 days / 14 nights
Corsica - Sardinia - With a road-book
Without guide

Last updated: 24/10/2023

price from 1510 € per pers.

This fantastic tour will take you to Corsica and Sardinia’s most beautiful sites, including sensational winding roads set against a backdrop of spectacular landscapes. You will undoubtedly enjoy the diversity of the landscape, traditional cucina corsa and sarda and meeting welcoming locals.

Based in Corsica, our team often rides across the island’s back roads in order to ensure that you get the best possible experience during your stay in Corsica.

Ferry crossings can be arranged from Marseille, Toulon, Nice, Livorno, Savona or Genoa.

The price (per person) above has been calculated on the basis that two people will be sharing a bedroom and a motorbike.

Your day by day program

From mainland France to Corsica

Ferry crossing in the evening from Marseille or Toulon. Night in private cabin.

The Cape of Corsica

Once you will have arrived in Bastia, you will start your journey by discovering the Cape of Corsica. First, you will ride up the beautiful rolling hills of the North, and then stop at the ports of Erbalunga and Macinaggio before riding through the Cape. Next, you will ride along the road to Centuri – where you can find the best crayfish in France – and get to discover magnificent coves. You will also have the choice to stop in Canari or Albo for a while, before setting off to Nonza, a town famous for both its Torra Paolina (Paolin Tower) and its black-pebble beach. After that, the road will take you to Patrimonio, the capital of Corsican wine. In the evening, you will stay in your hotel in St Florent and have the opportunity to admire its sandy beaches.

Night in St Florent in hotel ***

Distance: approximately 130km.

From St Florent to Galéria

Today’s stage will lead you to ride through the Désert des Agriates, one of Corsica’s magnificent protected nature reserves. On the way there, you will get to see stunning landscapes and ride on many fantastic winding roads. Charming secret mountain roads will quickly unravel before your very eyes, as you catch sight of olive groves, cactus trees, and Barbary figs. You will then get to explore authentic and enchanting little villages where cows wander freely across the roads; and, on your way to Balagne at sunset, the landscape will become a true feast for the eyes, as it will slowly change into a lunar spectacle. You will then stop for a while in Belgodere, in front of a picturesque little church, before setting off to the Route des Artisans (Road of the Craftsmen).

Next, you will ride to Calvi and get to admire both its port and ancient citadel. After that, you will ride along one of Corsica’s most popular roads. Admittedly, it is in poor condition but it will offer you some of the best and most wonderful landscapes in Corsica. Finally, you will reach the seaside town of Galeria and have dinner there in a local gîte d'étape.

Distance: approximately 150km.

Night in Galéria in hotel.

From Galéria to the Calanches de Piana

Today’s stage will lead you to climb up to the summit of the Col de Palmarella where you will be able to enjoy stunning panoramic views. You will then ride down a beautiful cliff road and see rolling carpets of arid grassland, as you reach charming villages. There, you will be able to relax and have a drink. However, you will soon set off to other seaside villages nearby, which will give you the opportunity to try a great variety of water sports.

After that, you will set off to the famous Calanches de Piana, and ride up to a village, where you will be able to visit a few churches, and where a certain Greek influence makes itself felt through the village’s architectural features. You will then go around the coastline before riding into the heart of the island. Be careful of the wild pigs. They tend to wander about freely on the roads. The journey will then lead you to Evisa, a town essentially famous for its chestnut trees. Finally, you will end today’s journey by travelling around gorges where it is quite common to come across herds of goats.

Distance: approximately 150km.

Night in Porto in hôtel **

From Porto's bay to Corte

On this fifth day of the tour, you will ride along scenic roads which will take you to an enchanting village, famous for its Genovese bridges and olive groves. On the way to Corte, you will climb the highest road in Corsica, and then, ride down an undulating road which will lead you to the shores of a local lake. The magnificent Scala di Santa Regina will take you to the borders of the Castagniccia region, where you will be able to ride endless miles of winding roads. Next, you will discover the stunning Restonica Gorge before returning to your hotel in the evening.

Night in hotel in Corte.

From Corte to Valinco's bay

Today, you will ride along Corsica’s main road which goes through the Vizzavona forest and offers spectacular scenery. Once you will have reached Ajaccio, you will be able to enjoy strolling down the streets of Napoleon’s hometown and go to the Pointe des Sanguinaires – the Point of blood-thirsty men – which is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches. Next, you will climb a coastal route which is skirted by eucalyptus trees and which leads to an ancient prison. Finally, you will take the road to the small villages of the Taravo region.

Distance: 169km.

Night in Propriano in hotel ***

Bonifacio and Sardinia

Today’s itinerary will lead you to ride through Sartène and sun-baked hills and arid landscapes before reaching Bonifacio and its impressive chalky cliffs. You will then take the ferry to start the second part of your journey (duration 1h00). Once in Sardinia, you will ride along coastline roads and reach your hotel for the night.

Night in a 3 star hotel in Castelsardo.

Beaches and villages

After breakfast, you will ride to charming little Sardinian villages. Old churches, beautiful lakes and sea caves will be your backdrop for the day. In the evening, you will get to stay in a charming seaside hotel which is located five minutes away from the beach.

Night in a 3 star hotel in Tresnuraghes.

From Sardinia's western beaches to the mines of the South

During today’s journey, you will ride along beach roads to reach the south of Sardinia, a stunningly wild and lesser-known part of the island. You will discover abandoned villages where Sardinian miners used to live. Admire the beaches and sand dunes of the Costa Verde. In the evening, you will stop in a little town, rich in charm and history.

Night in a 3 star hotel in Iglesias.

The Great South

After breakfast, you will get to explore the southern tip of Sardinia. Once there, you will discover a natural park which is a home for many different bird species. You will also have the opportunity to visit a mine, an underground cave or to stroll down the white sandy beaches of the island.

Back to your hotel in Iglesias.

Towards the East Coast

Today, you will cross the island from West to East and discover exotic Nuraghe ruins and beautiful villages as well as magnificent inland lakes. You will ride through Orgosolo, a little village which became famous for its murales. These political paintings reflect all the different aspects of Sardinian life and can be found almost everywhere in the village. You will also soon reach one of the most famous thermal spas.

Night in a 3 star hotel in Cala Gonone.

From Sardinia to Corsica

After breakfast, you will ride northwards along beautiful beaches and have the opportunity to visit Olbia before returning to Santa Teresa di Gallura where you will take the ferry back to Bonifacio in the afternoon. Once there, you will ride off to the villages of the Alta Rocca region.

Night in Zonza in a 2 star hotel.

From the Alta Rocca to the Costa Verde

Once you will have explored the wonderful local villages, olive groves and old mills of the region, you will ride along spectacular mountain passes and may see pigs and horses, wandering about freely. You will also get to see many forests and have the opportunity to stop at Ghisoni to see its ‘ski resort’ before reaching the road to the Inzecca Gorge and Moriani which is today's destination point.

You will spend the night in a 2 star hotel.

Distance: approximately 140km.

Back to Bastia

Today, you will ride along the Tavignano Gorge and ride down to the beach. You will then be on your way back to the Castagniccia region and its numerous villages, which cling to mountainsides. Once there, you will be able to enjoy great panoramic views. You will then travel around Biguglia’s nature reserve and a pond where pink flamingos can often be seen.

Distance: approximately 153km. Distances can be shortened.

At the end of the day, you will take the ferry to Marseille or Toulon (night crossing in a private cabin).

Back to mainland France

The boat will land in Marseille or Toulon in the morning.
Your trip ends here.

Departure board

Every day from the beginning of April to the end of October.

Technical information

Fact sheet
Starting point
  • Continent
  • Continent
  • Nights in hotels *** - Double or twin room
Number of people
  • Two people with a motorbike.
Level of difficulty
  • Approximately 150-250km a day in Sardinia.
  •  Supplement per person for July and August departures : 195€
  • Supplement for a single room : 540€
  • Supplement for a private cabin on ferry crossings, except July-August : 300€
  • Supplement for a private cabin on ferry crossings in ​July-August : 400€
  • Ferry crossings from mainland France to Corsica and from Corsica to mainland France (2 persons, 1 motorbike)
  • Ferry crossings from Corsica to Sardinia and from Sardinia to Corsica (2 persons, 1 motorbike)
  • Accommodation in hotel ***
  • Breakfasts
  • The travel file including a digital roadbook accessible on a mobile application in English
Not included
  • Transport options which are not included in the tour
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Beverages and meals
  • Motorbike rental, repair costs, fines and speed tickets
  • Visits of tourist sites
  • Optional activities which are not included in the tour
  • Personal expenses



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